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Weekly E-Letter
Each week, MCC sends an email newsletter with details about worship; congregational events, activities and opportunities; information about happenings in the community and wider church; and more. You can subscribe to this free e-letter! Click here.

Supporting the Immigrant Community
As a sanctuary congregation, the MCC is not only waiting to house somebody facing deportation, but striving to support vulnerable siblings and to change the narrative around immigration in this country. With news of ICE detaining Betty Rendon, student pastor at Emaus Lutheran in Racine, along with several of her family members, we invite you to join in sending cards and notes of support to Betty Rendon at the Kenosha detention center. Not only will they be of comfort, but if we can flood the detention center with letters, they will know we are watching and part of community support.
Cards and notes of encouragement can be sent to:
Betty Rendon
Kenosha County Detention Center
4777 88th Ave
Kenosha WI 53144

Jars of Good for Sale
Begins Sunday, May 19
Cookies: $6; Soup: $4

The 5th & 6th grade Sunday School Class wrote and won an Action Team Grant from Thrivent. They used the seed money to buy supplies for making jars of soup and cookies to sell. This has been an ongoing project for the class throughout this school year. Under the guidance of their Shepherds – Edd Hellmer, Kaisa Miller, and Dan McGown, they planned and executed the project as a team. Proceeds will be donated to the Waisman Center for educational research.

Perspire Breakfast
Younger guys (and any others interested) are joining for breakfast at the original Original Pancake House (the very origin of pancakes! and housing!) on University Ave. at 6:30am on Tuesday, May 21.

Household Supplies Donation Drive
It’s time for another donation drive for Tree Lane! All the cleaning supplies from the last one have been distributed. Bring your donations to the MCC donation center. Jean and Ann will deliver items to Tree Lane. We are collecting: All-purpose cleaner;  HE laundry detergent; Bleach; Baby wipes; Pull-ups; Toilet tissue; Paper towels; Toilet bowl cleaner; Dishwasher soap/tabs; Dish washing soap; General cleaning supplies. Thanks for supporting the families of Tree Lane!

Help a Family at Tree Lane
A family at Tree Lane recently welcomed twins, who were born premature. The babies are coming home and the family has requested some help. Specifically, the mom is looking for car seats, infant clothing, bottles, blankets, cribs/pack n play and diapers. Place donations in the Shalom Room Donation Center, and Jean Einerson & Ann Ward will deliver them.

Join the Green Team
Upcoming Work Day: May 26
You can sign up to join the Green Team for several workdays each week in the Food Pantry gardens. There is also work on the prairie Saturday mornings at 9:00. The next planned congregational work day will start during 9:00 education hour on Sunday, May 26.

Old Sauk Community Garden Plots Available
There are 4 full tilled garden plots (20 ft. x 20 ft.) and 1 no-tilled half plot available in the lower gardens. The fee for a full plot for an MCC member is $20.00; $40.00 for a non member. The cost is $10.00 for a half plot for a member and $20.00 for a non member. A full plot can be divided if one wishes to have a half plot. Garden tools are provided, however, you will need to provide your own fence and stakes. Please share this with friends who are looking for a community garden experience. Contact Jean Einerson, einerward@tds.net, if you have questions or want to registration materials.

2019 MCC Directory
Those of you at the annual meetings learned that we have a new MCC directory available! There are some hard copies available in the Shalom Room for those who prefer that. Please contact Kaisa at kaisa@themcc.net if you need one mailed directly.
Click here for a link to the electronic version.
PLEASE NOTE: we found the first error in the printed version - the last page was left off! There will be print outs of the last page made available in the Shalom Room for you to take home and add to your version. Or you can click here for a link to the last page and print it out at home.

2019 Bible Reading
Would you like to set a goal of reading through the whole Bible this year (or even having a nudge to read some more) and understand the fuller narrative of God’s story in scripture? Pastor Nick again has available copies of his reading guide, with a format mixing Old and New Testament readings of about three chapters per day. You can pick up a booklet at church on Sunday or find the electronic version here.

Racial Justice in Action at the MCC
Book Study in May: I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown
Here’s an opportunity for continuing conversation about racism. This time from the perspective of an African American Woman. As Drew Hart did, here is an author willing to teach, especially those of us who are white-identified, what it’s like to walk in a white-dominant world as a person of color. We’ll hold a 2-session book discussion on
Wednesdays May 8 and 22, 6:30-8 pm. Books are available for purchase for $17 in the Welcome Center. RVSP helpful, although not required. To sign up  click here. or in the Welcome Center. Please read the first part of the book in advance of May 8.

Two Minute BibleTwo Minute Bible
MCC member Don Falkos has been working on a new Bible storytelling project to offer Bible stories in two minute episodes. That’s why it’s called “Two Minute Bible” and is found at http://twominutebible.com. Two new stories are posted each week.

Free Weekly Devotional Message; Mondays
Augsburg Fortress sends a devotional message and selection of artwork based on a Bible reading. Interested, click here to sign up.

Faith Formation & Affinity Groups
Fellowship groups, Bible study groups prayer groups and shared interest groups are all found on our Faith Formations & Affinity Groups page. Click here.

Bible Conversation
If you’re interested in reading through the Bible next year, new guidebooks can be found on the back table in either sanctuary or can be downloaded by clicking here


Spring chicken, Marie Antoinette, enjoying the day

Staff Away May 13-24!
Pastor Sonja: Out May 13-24; back for worship on May 26.  Pastor Nick will be available while Pastor Sonja is away.

Mentors are also invited for a May 29 wrap-up looking toward summer.

Re-Luke and Nick – a Bible Study
Thursday evenings (any or all) May 23, and June 6, 6:30-7:45

A third session of Bible study continues with Pastor Nick as during this season of Easter, our Narrative Lectionary includes four passages from the Acts of the Apostles (which was written as a sequel to the Gospel of Luke). Two remaining sessions are 6:30-7:45 on Thursdays, May 23 and June 6, leading up to Pentecost. Come for any or all sessions.

Summer Worship Schedule

Begins June 16 at 9:30am
We know traditions are hard to break, so please spread the word and the excitement!

Education For All Ages
If you are interested in being involved with the leadership of Adult programming, contact a pastor. If you are interested in being involved with children or youth education, please contact Jen Streit or sign up on the MSP Online Scheduler. Click here for more information.

Extended Education Hour for All!
New Start Date for Summer Worship

The way the public school schedule aligns with Memorial Day this year allows us to try more Sundays of Faith Formation for all ages!
This means we will have education hours on Memorial Day Weekend, May 26, June 2, and June 9: 9:00 am Education & 10:15am Worship

Adult Education
May 26 – Cross+generational MCC land projects
June 2 – Haiti Allies
June 9 – Final 9:00am education hour of the school year

Annual Men's (Anti-Salad) Tailgate
Tuesday, June 4th at 5:30 for Happy Hour
Tailgate food around 6:30.

Dhavan Shah, Director of the Mass Communication Research Center at UW School of Journalism will join us to talk about how Kennedy, Obama and Trump each mastered the emerging media of their day to win their elections.

Sunday School/ Youth & Family Ministry
Find out what's going on in Sunday School and Youth & Family Ministry! Click here.

Sunday Adult Discussion
3rd Sunday of the Month at 9:00 am
All are welcome to attend Adult Discussion (formerly “Parent Hour”) the third Sunday of the month in the downstairs area. Anyone with interest in sharing the challenges and occasional triumphs of parenting is invited—the group is accepting, and always has a robust discussion. Anyone with a commitment to our youth, regardless of parental status, is encouraged to join us!

OPALS Book Group
This book group meets every fourth Tuesday at 1:30 at church. This Tues. we discuss The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel, a true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years – his means of survival, including thefts, and his inevitable capture.

Kids in the Garden
Before you know it, it will be time for the Kids in the Garden program to begin. Children ages 5-10 from the Lussier Community Center summer camp will come to the food pantry garden on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30-11, June 25-Aug. 8. Two groups alternate working inside and outside. Outside, the group in the garden is planting, harvesting, weeding, exploring. Inside, the children prepare snacks using produce from the garden. Sign up for this ministry online on MSP (Garden with Kids/Lussier under Service and Justice). Starting mid-May, you will be able to specify which days and dates you are available. If you have questions, contact Joyce Anderson. blajoy@tds.net or 608 848-3867

Boundary Waters 2019: Are You Interested?
High schoolers! Think summer, but don’t think bugs. Now answer the question: are you (and any friend you’d like to bring) interested in the canoe trip
June 17-23? We’re trying to lock down numbers to know how many groups to plan on so we can order our entry permits. Cost is $100, but for the meantime all we need to know is “yes – no – maybe.” Contact Pastor Nick at nick@theMCC.netor Marily Crews, Karen Kuhn, Jill McLeod, or Dean Ryerson with questions or responses. Thanks!

Java For Justice
First Sunday of the Month
Coffee can be purchased in 12 oz. ($10) or 4 lb. ($45) bags; regular or decaf; bean, drip or perk. Make your checks payable to Mt. Meru Coffee Project and place them in the envelope by the sign-up sheet in the Shalom Room on the Coffee Table. Your support remains the sustaining force in the lives of many coffee-farming families in Tanzania. Thanks for your continued support.

Food Drive for Lussier Food Pantry
First Sunday of the Month
Please remember to make a special effort to bring food for the pantry. Suggested items include canned goods (fruit, vegetables, tuna, beef stew, fruit juice, etc.), also peanut butter, jelly, and cereal. We also need large paper grocery bags. Please do not put pet food in with donations for the Lussier Food Pantry. We do not have facilities to handle fresh produce. For those who prefer to donate money, checks can be made out to the Lussier Community Education Center, designated for the pantry. Dobbin McNatt, Coordinator

Epiphany Choir 2018
Epiphany Choir Concert 2018 Directed by Jen Striet

Community of Hope UCC

SWA Shalom
Community of Hope, we encourage all of our members to keep up with the goings on of the closer-in wider church by subscribing to the e-newsletter for our Southwest Wisconsin Association. Click here to send an email to sign up.

Grow in Faith with the UCC Lay Academy
Lay Academy is a ministry of transformation and faith formation offered by the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ. Participants dive into scripture, explore theology, consider God’s presence in their lives and discover fresh ways to speak about and live out their faith in their day-to-day lives. Classes are held throughout the year. For more detailed information, go to www.wcucc.org/layacademy or talk to Pastor Sonja.

Help the Wider Church Shine!
“Shine!” is the theme of the UCC General Synod, coming up June 21-25, 2019, in Milwaukee. This is the first time this biennial gathering of the wider church has been held in the Wisconsin Synod. 300-400 volunteers will be needed to assist at the event, and you are invited to be part of that volunteer team! Helpers are needed from everything from hospitality to childcare to ushering, to the Sunday outdoor festival. Find out more information here. General Synod volunteer opportunitieshere

Individual Support for Our WI Conference
Day-to-day, you might not see our connection to the UCC Wisconsin Conference. But it’s there! Recently, from grant money and publicity for our Big Read to a subsidized clergy retreat in Nov which Pastor Sonja will attend to our Associate Conference Minister Rev. Joanne Thomson joining us for the 50th Anniversary of Community of Hope celebration, the Conference supports our ministry. We would not be who we are without them, all year long! You are encouraged to consider making a contribution to the Wisconsin Conference Annual Appeal. Here’s how.

Advent Lutheran Church

2019 Holy Land Trip

Explore ancient sites of the Bible, as well as amazing current work for peace from Lutherans. Our group for the Holy Land with Pastor Nick could still use 1-3 more travelers. Others registered include LisaAnn Trembath and Raelene Freitag, John Brugge the elder, Sue Gubner, Rebecca Weise, Linda Pettersen and Erik, and Ellen Soto. Travel to Palestine and Israel for eleven days this November (11/8-18) all for an extremely low price of $3349. View the tour description (and share with friends!) at gtd.org/post/pdfbrochure/191108.pdf and register for the trip online using this link. Let Nick know if you're thinking about it!

2016 trip reflection from Kathy Henning: I experienced people bravely standing against injustice: the congregation at Christmas Lutheran in Bethlehem; the 13,000 Palestinians who live in the one-square-kilometer Dheisheh Refugee Camp; the staff at the environmental center outside Bethlehem; the hopeful Palestinian students at Dar al-Kalima University; the family who welcomed us into their olive grove; the artists who express their anguish on walls; the competent administrators of Augusta Victoria Hospital who provide care with meager funds; a Jewish representative of ICAHD (The Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolition), who spoke out against injustice; and Ali, who creates a market for Palestinian olive carvers.
Click for Pictures from 2016 Trip

In the Wider Church . . .

Denominational Leaders Respond to Attack on Synagogue
Read more from the UCC here. And from the ELCA here.

Community of Hope, Let’s Get on Board!
Madison area UCC congregations are planning to hire a motor coach to transport UCC members to General Synod on
Sunday, June 23. This will be a unique opportunity to worship with UCC members across the nation, hear Rev. Traci Blackmon preach, and join in a Street Festival where the UCC will be a presence in Milwaukee outside of the convention center. You do not need to register for General Synod for the Sunday events, and the cost for the bus will be minimal (about $12 per seat at the most). Seating is limited and reservations are being taken now. Contact Pastor Sonja ASAP if you’re interested.

DAIS Event
Join Domestic Abuse Intervention Services and faith leaders to discuss trauma and the intersectional ways it impacts those in our congregations and communities. This free interfaith workshop
1:00-4:30 on May 30 at Covenant Presbyterian focuses on practical strategies for faith communities to better support those impacted by domestic violence, engage their congregations in critical thought around the issues related to it, and embark on long-term relationships to exchange resources. “Lighting the Way to a Safe Community” has been developed by and for faith leaders throughout Dane County.

Worship with the World on June 23
Want to experience worship with UCC folk from across the nation and all over the globe, without having to drive? Then come to General Synod in Milwaukee on June 23. A bus will be leaving from Middleton Community UCC at noon and will return in the evening. The cost is $15. Contact Rev. Jim Iliff to reserve your spot (mccpastor@middletonucc.org or (608) 215-8924). There are Community of Hope funds available to help cover the cost for Hope folks who'd like to attend.

Items for Refugees at the Border
Retired ELCA pastor Mary Pharmer is returning for work at the border with Annunciation House in May and will be able to carry supplies for immigrants. There are close to 3,000 people a week, she says, and most come with nothing, or a few items in a plastic bag. There is a basket in the donation center in Shalom Room. If you want, you can also contact Mary directly mompharm@yahoo.com. Needed items: Small adult underwear, Socks, Toothpaste/brushes, Disposable shavers, Tote bags that fold flat

UCC All Church Read
A Big Read on a Big Scale! Matthew Desmond, author of the book Evicted, will be our General Synod Keynote Speaker on Saturday, June 22, and the whole UCC is invited to participate in an all-church read of the book. Community of Hope folks who would like to participate, contact Pastor Sonja.

2019 ELCA Advocacy
ELCA Advocacy goals and tasks for engaging government this year. Read about this work for housing and homelessness, child nutrition, criminal justice reform, caring for creation, foreign assistance, and more, visit this blog post


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