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Faith in the Home

Faith Formation at Home
While Faith Formation is the focus of our work at MCC, we recognize that this continues as children and youth return to the home environment. Below you will find options for ways to nurture faith in the home:

•  Visit our Family Faith Formation Library in the lower level of the church!
   You will find many interesting and engaging resources for all ages.

•  Here is a wonderful site for families with children, youth, and adults
   to find faith forming activities. The site offers a free membership that allows
   you to customize your experience by keeping track of items you would like
   to save for future reference:

•  Here is another wonderful site for families with children and is sponsored
   by the United Church of Christ. The site offers children's activity pages,
   faith-related books, and prayer and mission resources to name a few:

•  This TED Talk video my musician Ben Zander provides some insightful
   observations into the power of living out one's passion in life. As you watch
   this video ponder the question: What implications might this insight offer
   to our faith formation ministry at MCC?
   Click on the link below to watch the video:

•  This is an insightful article, by Rev. Craig Mueller, about the importance
   of a gathered community of believers Rev. Mueller asks some important
   questions about the purpose and mission of the church.
   Click on the link below to read the article:

•  Here is an article that brings a new perspective to how we enact
   faith formation in our faith communities:

•  "One of my friends and colleagues in ministry once said, 'One of the most
   powerful things for a child's faith development is for them to see their parents
   praying.'"   excerpt from "New Narrative - Praying Life Together"
   March 7, 2013; Aspire Parents Blog
 Click here to read this article.

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